Hunter HDMI Active Optic Cables
Get Clarity and Connection with Hunter HDMI Active Optic Cables 
Hunter Active Optic HDMI cables provide a pure digital signal with the highest quality, perfectly suited for 4K and 8K resolution.

HDMI Cable
Zinc Alloy 
8K Resolution
Ultimate 4K and 8K HDMI Experience with Hunter's HDMI Active Optic Cables and Armored Active Optic Cables
Armored Active Optic cable

Hunter Armored Active Optic cable is designed with an additional layer of protection, such as spiral steel tape armor or single-sided conductive aluminum foil, to safeguard against mechanical damage, moisture, and other external factors. This robust metallic armor, which can be made of 304 stainless steel, provides excellent resistance to impact, compression, and abrasion, making it highly suitable for demanding environments like industrial settings, outdoor installations, and underground applications. Armored cables find widespread use in power transmission and distribution, as well as in various low-voltage and high-voltage applications that require enhanced durability and protection. The internal aramid fiber adds further strength to the cable's structure, ensuring reliable electrical performance and maintaining its integrity even in challenging conditions.

Hunter HDMI Cables : Common Uses

Home Theater Systems

HDMI Active Optical Cables (AOC) are the perfect solution for home theater setups that require extended cable lengths beyond the limitations of traditional copper HDMI cables. With HDMI AOCs, you can seamlessly connect your video sources, such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, or media streaming devices, to your TV or projector without any signal degradation. These advanced cables utilize fiber optic technology to ensure high-fidelity audio and video transmission.

Medical Imaging and Healthcare

Hunter HDMI splitters play a crucial role in creating impressive video walls, which involve arranging multiple displays together to form a unified and expansive visual experience. In such setups, each display within the video wall necessitates a dedicated video signal. Here, the HDMI splitter serves as a valuable tool by enabling the distribution of content from a single source across all the displays seamlessly. By utilizing an HDMI splitter, you can ensure that the captivating visuals and multimedia content intended for the video wall are effortlessly replicated across every screens.

Broadcast and Production Environment

Gaming enthusiasts and eSports aficionados widely embrace HDMI splitters for their ability to enhance the streaming experience by facilitating the broadcasting of gameplay to multiple monitors or capture devices. With the aid of an HDMI splitter, gamers can effortlessly transmit the video signal to both their gaming monitor for real-time gameplay and a capture card or streaming device for recording or live streaming purposes. The advantage lies in the streamlined setup, as the HDMI splitter eliminates the requirement for additional cables or connections.

Gaming and VR Setups

HDMI Active Optical Cables (AOC) offer significant advantages for gamers and virtual reality enthusiasts when connecting gaming consoles, PCs, or VR devices to distant displays or projectors. These advanced cables ensure a superior gaming or VR experience through their ability to maintain low latency, high refresh rates, and high-resolution video transmission. By utilizing HDMI AOCs, gamers can enjoy seamless and immersive gameplay with minimal delay, vibrant visuals, and smooth motion rendering, ultimately enhancing their overall gaming or virtual reality experience.

Hunter HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable supports a video resolution of up to 8K at 60Hz.
PVC Jacket
Hunter HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable is designed with a PVC jacketed cable that provides flexibility and durability
Hunter HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable is designed to provide a high-speed data transfer rate of 48Gbps bandwidth
Hunter HDMI Active Optic Cables Videos
Hunter HDMI Active Optic Cables 
Features of Hunter HDMI Active Optic Cables


With support for up to 48Gbps bandwidth, this cable ensures the seamless transmission of high-resolution and high-fidelity content. Allowing for the flawless delivery of ultra-high-definition video, immersive audio formats, and other bandwidth-intensive content. With such a wide bandwidth capacity, the cable can accommodate the most demanding resolutions, refresh rates, and color depths, providing a truly immersive and visually stunning experience.

Color Space and Depth

The Hunter HDMI AOC goes beyond standard color capabilities with its support for 4:4:4 color space and 12-bit color depth, resulting in breathtakingly vibrant and accurate colors. The 4:4:4 color space ensures that every pixel of the image is faithfully reproduced, preserving fine details and providing a rich and lifelike visual experience. Combined with the 12-bit color depth, which allows for over 68 billion colors, this cable brings out the subtle nuances and gradients in images, delivering unparalleled color accuracy and depth.

Zinc Alloy Gold Plated Connectors   

The Hunter HDMI 8K Active Optical Cable AOC is equipped with Zinc Alloy Gold Plated Connectors, offering a secure and reliable connection between devices. The Zinc Alloy construction provides robustness and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even with frequent plug and unplug actions. The gold plating on the connectors enhances conductivity, minimizing signal loss and maximizing the integrity of the audio and video transmission.

EMI shield
Hunter HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable minimizes electromagnetic interference, guaranteeing stable transmission of video and audio signals.
CEC and ARC support
CEC enables centralized control of multiple HDMI devices using a single remote, simplifying operation by consolidating control into one.
Zinc Alloy
Hunter HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable incorporates Zinc Alloy Gold Plated Connectors for a dependable and secure link between source and display devices.
Benefits of Using Hunter HDMI Cables
High-Quality Transmission
The cable ensures outstanding video and audio quality with its support for features like 48Gbps bandwidth, 4:4:4 color space, and 12-bit color depth. Users can enjoy vibrant and accurate colors, sharp details, and immersive audio.
HDR and 3D Compatibility
The cable supports HDR10 technology, enabling enhanced contrast and dynamic range for a more immersive viewing experience. Additionally, its 3D capability adds depth and realism to compatible content.
Long-Range Capability
Specially designed for extended cable runs, making it perfect for commercial and industrial settings that demand reliable and high-quality video and audio transmission over longer distances.
Centralized Control
The cable offers CEC and ARC support, allowing for centralized control of multiple devices with a single remote and enabling audio return channel functionality.
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Low Resistance
Hunter Speaker cable has a low resistance of 0.01Ω per meter, ensuring minimal signal loss and maximum power transfer.
Hunter Speaker Cable is marked for easy identification of polarity, making the installation easier by identifying and connecting the positive and negative.
Polarity Marking
The polarity of the  Hunter Speaker cable is marked for easy and accurate installation, ensuring the correct connection between the speaker and the audio equipment.
Oxygen Free Copper Range
Hunter OFC speaker cables have Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) which is high-purity copper that has been processed to reduce the presence of oxygen and other impurities.
Benefits of Using Hunter Speaker Cables
Signal Transmission
Hunter Speaker cables facilitate the transfer of audio signals from the amplifier to the speakers with minimal loss or distortion. Good-quality cables ensure that the full range of frequencies and details in the music or audio content is accurately reproduced.
Enhanced Sound Quality
High-quality speaker cables can contribute to improved sound quality by reducing signal degradation. They can minimize interference and noise, resulting in cleaner and more faithful reproduction of the audio signal.
Reduced Interference
Our Hunter Speaker cables are well-designed cables incorporate with shielding and insulation to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
Enhanced Dynamics
Hunter speaker cables with sufficient gauge and proper construction can support high current flow, enabling the speakers to handle dynamic musical passages more effectively.