Hunter KVM Switch
Efficient Control and Management of Multiple Computers with Hunter KVM Switch

Seamlessly control and manage multiple computers with ease. Efficient, reliable, and versatile solution for improved productivity.

USB 2.0
IR Remote Control
KVM Switch: Streamline Control and Management of Multiple Computers
Hunter KVM Switch : Common Uses

Educational Institutions

Hunter KVM switches play a crucial role in computer labs or classrooms, where instructors and students require access and control over multiple computers. These switches facilitate seamless management and sharing of resources among the connected computers. Instructors can easily switch between different systems, demonstrating software applications or providing technical assistance. Students can collaborate and work on group projects by accessing shared resources and switching between computers without the need for separate peripherals.

Data Centers

Hunter KVM switches are indispensable tools in data centers, where efficient management of multiple servers and systems is crucial. These switches serve as a centralized control point, empowering system administrators to access and control numerous servers from a single console. With a KVM switch, administrators can seamlessly switch between different servers, troubleshoot issues, perform maintenance tasks, and deploy updates without the need for physically connecting to each server individually.

Control Rooms

Hunter KVM switches streamline operations in surveillance centers, transportation hubs, and industrial facilities by enabling the monitoring and management of multiple computer systems, security cameras, and equipment. Operators can easily switch between different sources and control systems, ensuring efficient oversight and response. KVM switches enhance situational awareness, optimize workflow, and facilitate seamless control and coordination in critical control room environments.

Test Labs

Hunter KVM switches play a vital role in test labs, where simultaneous testing and configuration of multiple devices are conducted. Testers benefit from the ability to switch between different systems and equipment seamlessly, eliminating the need for manual cable disconnections and reconnections. This efficient workflow saves time and effort, enabling testers to focus on their tasks without interruptions. KVM switches in test labs enhance productivity, simplify device management, and contribute to smoother testing processes.

USB 2.0
USB 2.0 support for enhanced connectivity and expanded device compatibility
Hunter KVM Switch can Transfer up to 2.55G
Hunter KVM Switch designed with HDMI Port for enhanced compatibility
Hunter KVM Switch
Hunter KVM Switch Features
Reliable and efficient
The Hunte KVM Switch is designed to be a reliable and efficient solution for managing multiple computers and peripherals with ease.
Auto scan feature
The switch has an auto scan feature that automatically cycles through connected computers, making it easy to monitor multiple systems.
HDMI output and USB Type A
The switch provides an HDMI  output and two USB Type A ports for connecting peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, and printer.
12V DC power supply
It operates reliably on a 12V DC power supply, making it compatible with various power sources.
Hunter KVM Switch Supports 4K2K@30hz resolution for high-quality video output.
IR Remote Control
Hunter KVM SWitch is designed with Remote control for convenient switching between connected devices
Light weight
Hunter KVM Switch is designed with Lightweight its easy to carry.
Benefits of Using Hunter KVM Switch
Improved Productivity
With Hunter KVM switch, you can switch between different computers or servers seamlessly, eliminating the need to physically move between systems. This saves time and improves productivity, especially in environments where quick access to multiple machines is cruci
Centralized Control
KVM switches provide centralized control over multiple computers, allowing you to perform tasks such as software installations, updates, or troubleshooting from a single console. This simplifies system management and reduces complexity
Enhanced Security
By consolidating multiple computers into a single KVM switch, you can improve security by reducing points of access. Physical access to individual systems can be limited, reducing the risk of unauthorized tampering or data breaches.
Flexibility and Compatibility
Hunter KVM switches support a wide range of computer platforms and operating systems, making them compatible with various devices. This flexibility allows you to connect and control different types of computers or servers, regardless of their specifications.
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