Hunter Video Wall Controller 
Get Exceptional Visual Quality with Hunter 4K Video Wall Controller
Hunter Video Wall Controller 4K provides ultimate control over your video wall and results in the best possible viewing experience with a single touch.
Plug and Play
Windows 10 Support
USB 3.0
Get the Ultimate Video Wall Experience with Hunter 4K Video Wall Controller
 Hunter Video Wall Controller : Common Uses

Conference Rooms

Hunter Video wall controllers are extensively used in conference rooms to elevate the quality of presentations and enhance collaborations. With their capability to display multiple sources simultaneously, including video conferencing feeds, presentations, and data visuals, on a video wall, they offer improved engagement and productivity. Conference participants can seamlessly switch between different content sources and have a holistic view of the information being shared. This allows for more effective communication, better understanding of complex data, and enhanced decision-making during meetings.

Control Room

Hunter Video wall controllers play a crucial role in control rooms across various industries, including security monitoring centers, traffic control centers, and command centers. These controllers empower operators by allowing them to monitor and analyze multiple feeds, data streams, and critical information simultaneously on a large-scale video wall. By consolidating and displaying real-time data and video feeds, video wall controllers enhance situational awareness and decision-making capabilities.

Broadcast and Entertainment

Hunter Video wall controllers play a vital role in the broadcast and entertainment industry. Like television studios, live events, concerts, and sports arenas. Hunter controllers contribute to creating immersive visual experiences by seamlessly displaying high-quality content across multiple screens. In television studios, video wall controllers are used to showcase dynamic graphics, real-time information, and live feeds, enhancing the production quality of broadcasts. During live events, concerts, and sports arenas, video wall controllers enable organizers to display captivating visuals, live video feeds, and interactive content, elevating the audience's engagement and overall experience.

Supports resolutions at 4K and 1080p HD for high-quality video.
Plug and Play
Hunter Video wall controller Simplified plug-and-play setup for effortless installation.
Windows 10 Support
Hunter Video Wall Controller offers Windows 10 support for seamless compatibility and enhanced performance.
Hunter Video Wall Controller
Features of Hunter Video Wall Controller
The video wall controller is cascadable,easily expand your video wall by connecting multiple controllers together. This feature is useful when you need to create larger video wall configurations
Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows 10 PCs, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with the majority of modern computer systems.
Multiple Input Sources
Hunter video wall controllers support various input sources such as HDMI, VGA, USB, and Composite. This allows for versatile connectivity and compatibility with different devices
High-Resolution Support
The controllers are designed to support high-resolution content, including popular formats like 4K and Full HD (1080p). This ensures sharp and detailed visuals for the video wall displays.
IR remote control
Hunter Video Wall Controller 4K Remote control for easy operation.
USB 3.0
Hunter Video Wall Controller Support USB3.0 video input source
Hunter Video Wall Controller Support HDMI video input source
Benefits of Using Hunter Video Wall Controller
Enhanced Visual Experience
Hunter Video Wall Controllers provide users with the ability to create visually stunning displays. By seamlessly distributing content across multiple screens or a video wall, these controllers offer an immersive and impactful visual experience for audiences.
Flexible Content Display
With Hunter Video Wall Controllers, users have the flexibility to showcase different types of content simultaneously. Whether it's video feeds, presentations, data visuals, or a combination of sources, the controllers allow for dynamic and engaging content display.
Scalability and Expandability
Hunter Video Wall Controllers offer cascading capabilities, allowing for the expansion of video wall configurations by connecting multiple controllers together. This scalability enables the creation of larger video walls with increased display capacity.
Ease of Control and Configuration
Hunter Video Controller provide intuitive control interfaces, such as RS232, IR, and USB connectivity, for seamless management and configuration of the video wall setup. Users can easily adjust settings, switch content sources, and make real-time updates.
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