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Hunter Pro AV Balanced Mono 6.35- XLR (M) Cable 5M -9345

Model Number: 9345-HUB-PA-MO6.35XM5M 

HSN: 85444299       
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9345-HUB-PA-MO6.35XM5M Hunter Pro AV Balanced Mono 6.35- XLR (M) cable offers 5-meter connectivity. Crafted for professional audio, it boasts shielded construction, gold-plated connectors, and flexibility for seamless handling and routing.


9345-HUB-PA-MO6.35XM5M Hunter Pro AV Balanced Mono 6.35- XLR (M) cable ensures reliable 5-meter connectivity, ideal for professional audio applications. Featuring shielded construction, it minimizes interference for pristine audio transmission. enhance conductivity and resist corrosion, ensuring durability. Its flexible design facilitates easy handling and routing, adapting to diverse setups in studios, live performances, and broadcasting. This cable serves as an essential component for audio professionals seeking high-quality connections that deliver consistent performance.


  • 5-meter length for versatile connectivity.
  • Shielded construction minimizes interference.
  • Suitable for professional audio applications.
  • Flexible design for easy handling and routing.

Product Specification

  • Specification
  • Length (In Meters)
  • Cable Connector 1
    Mono 6.35mm
  • Cable Connector 2


Is this cable suitable for professional audio applications?

Absolutely, it's designed for professional audio setups, including studio recording and live sound reinforcement.

Is the cable shielded?

Yes, it's shielded to minimize interference and ensure clean audio signals.

Is the cable flexible for easy handling?

Yes, its flexible design facilitates easy handling and routing in various audio setups.

Is it compatible with all XLR-equipped devices?

Yes, it follows standard XLR specifications and should be compatible with most XLR-equipped devices.

Can this cable transmit both microphone and line-level signals?

Yes, it can transmit both microphone-level and line-level signals, offering versatility in audio applications.

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